Om Haro Hara is the chanting mantra for Lord Murugan which is shouting and mourning by Murugan devotees. There are a lot of temples dedicated to Lord Murugan in India as well as the world. Especially in Tamil Nadu, Murugan has six abodes. Thiruttani is one of the Lord Murugan abodes. The devotees who come to Thiruthani increasing day by day that showing power of the Lord Murugan. The above image shown you temple of the Thiruttani.
The Thiruttani temple has 365 steps that indicated year. The people believed that they get happiness throughout a year when they worshipped Murugan throughout steps. Each and everyone started to say Haro Hara while stepping up which give them positive energy. When the devotees crossing the steps, they realized the spirituality and sacred of Murugan. The above image shown you steps in Thiruttani temple. 
Most of the people are coming to Thiruttani temple to avoid sadness, cure diseases or need happiness in life. The devotees believe Murugan will be the medicine or blessing for their queries. After the queries are fulfilled, devotees started to say Haro Hara mantra. The above image shown you that salt falling by people to remove skin tag and other needs.
The temple is one of the remarkable temples for Lord Murugan which can be visited along with family. People coming to Thiruttani get happiness and return to home with pure divinity. The life has to live with happiness which can be acquired only through travel that's what Indian travel story consistently recommends travel for happiness. Finally never missed the temple in Thiruttani of Tamil Nadu and above image shown you the gopuram of Thiruttani.
    Temple Timings
     Morning 6.00 AM 9.00 PM

How to reach Thiruttani Murugan temple

By Air
The nearest airport of Thiruttani temple is Tirupati airport which is away from 65km.

By Train
The nearest railway station of Thiruttani Murugan temple is Thiruttani railway station that away from 3km. There are trains connected from Chennai and other cities.

By Bus
There are a lot of buses available to Thiruttani from Chennai, Vellore and Tirupati. Even we have direct buses to Thiruttani hills from Thanigai cottages. Thiruttani bus stand away from 1.5 km from the temple.

The location of the temple given below

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