Hanuman, Anjaneyar and Sanjeevi are names found in Indian epics such as Ramayana and Mahabharata. We cannot speak Ramayana without the lord Hanuman that teaching pure devotee of Rama. in Mahabharata, Hanuman appeared in flag of Arjuna on the chariot that giving strength to war. Most of the temple has hanuman statue before the Lord Rama. We can rarely found individual Hanuman statue in India which we can see in only some temples that included in malaipattu village in Kancheepuram district of Tamil Nadu. The Kanyakumari Sri Jaya Hanuman appears in above image.

                        Ramayana on wall
When  people enter the Sri Jaya Hanuman temple of Malaipattu, they started to think about the epic of Ramayana. Each and every photo on the wall showing praise of Hanuman in Ramayana. Further it is showing that Hanuman reflected in character by devotee of Rama. The above image shown you one of the image on the wall in the temple entrance.      
                    Presence of temple          
People can see the Hanuman statue after enter the temple entrance, so the visitors can easily get  blessings of Hanuman without go near the statue. The Lord  Anjaneyar of Malaipattu not blessed only who visits the temple but also blessed In surrounded village since the statue 24 feet and reflecting of 24000 Slokans. The above image shown you entrance of the temple with 24 feet statue of Kanyakumari Sri Jaya Hanuman in Malaipattu.
        Kalyana Srinivasa Perumal temple
The Kalyana Srinivasa has another diety located in Malaipattu which dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The people who follow Vaishnavism more visitors to this diety. This Kalyana Srinivasa also located side with Hanuman diety but both has different entrance. Finally the Malaipattu village has two major Lord of Hinduism which can be lead our life to be devotional.

How to reach Malaipattu temple

By Air
The nearest airport of Malaipattu is Chennai International Airport which is away from 25 km.

By Train
The Karasangal railway station is nearest railway station to Malaipattu village which is away from 7 km. There are rarely available trains to Karasangal. Tirupati Puducherry passenger runs between Karasangal.

By Bus
There are buses available to Malaipattu from Tambaram. Tambaram and Sriperumbudur road connects Malaipattu  bus stand after crossing Manimangalam.

The location of the Srinivasa Kalyana Perumal temple and Sri Jayam Hanuman of Malaipattu given below

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