What we are thinking that is not happening in this world which are decided by only God that's what lot of people's believe that God is supreme of earth. By knowing of these, Alvars were praising lord through their creations. Each and every creation says about something similar creation of Alvars were stating important of lord by Nalayira Divya Prabandham which contains 108 Divya Desams. There are a lot of temples in earth especially in India, but why these 108 temples only considered as Divya Desam. Because the devotees who can put the feet of Divya Desam consider as enter in the heaven. We have seen previously one of the most famous Divya Desam is Srivilliputur Andal temple but today Indian Travel Story presents Divya Desam on Chennai city which situated in Kancheepuram district praises as Thiruneermalai Ranganatha temple that shown in above image.

Ranganathar on uphill
The 250 steps of the temple get up the devotees to reach Ranganatha on uphill. The deity of the temple hill has recline posture of Ranganatha which shows to the devotees similar of Ranganatha lean on parkadal in milk ocean. Apart from the deity of Ranganatha, there are two other presence of perumal found on uphill such as Narasimha Perumal and Ulagalandha Perumal. After visiting these three avatar of Vishnu, the devotees can realized why Alvars were included thiruneermalai in Divya desam. The devotees come to worship the Rangantha also visit the deity of Ranganayaki in the temple. The above image shown you steps for uphill.
Neervanna Perumal
The devotees visit three Perumal on uphill and they get down to base of the temple for visiting Neervanna Perumal. Here the lord Perumal has standing posture similar to Thirupathi therefore devotees can get benefit what they get from Thirupathi and Srirangam. Lord Perumal has been walking, staying for 2000 years this old temple which was developed by Cholas and Pandyas. The temple also contains deity of Ramar and Animamalar consort of Neervanna Perumal. Further devotees can worship Anjaneyar while climb down from uphill. Finally Thiruneermalai is one of the most visited Divya Desam in Chennai city which was intention of twelve alvars. So Indian Travel Story proud to be written of Thiruneermalai in part of Divya Desam. The above image shown you temple of Neervanna perumal in Thiruneermalai.

Temple Timings
    Morning 8.00 - 12.00
  Evening  4.00 -  8.00
  Special of the temple
         Included in Divya Desam

How to reach Thiruneermalai Ranganatha temple

By Air
The nearest airport of the Thiruneermalai temple is Chennai airport that away from 8.2km.

By Train
The nearest railway station of the Thiruneermalai temple is Chrompet and Pallavaram railway station both away from 6km.

By Bus
The nearest bus stand of the Thiruneermalai ranganatha temple is Thiruneermalai. There are lot of buses available from Chennai locality especially Pallavaram, Chrompet and Tambaram.

The location of the temple given below

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