We have more faith in God when we hate Humans, as the result you can see a lot of temples in the world. Most of the temples built by Pallavas exist on the seashore like shore temple in Mahabalipuram, Nithya Kalyana Perumal Temple in Thiruvidandai, and of course Mylapore Kapaleeswarar Temple existed near the coastal until it fell into Portuguese hands in the 16th century, when they raised their trade, the temple suffered demolition and the present temple rebuilt. The gorgeous view of the temple is shown in the above image.

Parvati as Peacock
As per Hindu belief, Mylapore the name derived from the goddess Uma who in the form of Peacock to combine with Lord Siva. When Siva taught the mantras to the Parvati, she lost her concentration with beautiful peahen, then Siva cursed Parvati to born as a peahen, then she was born as Peacock and merged with his husband in the place called Mylapore. The moral said wives to follow and respect their husbands. Even today we can see Punai tree with Peacock in the temple. On another story, Brahma(creator) and Thirumal(preserver) were fighting for their works that who is best, Lord Siva appeared and destroyed their arrogance similar to the history of Tiruvannamalai Temple. Siva called as Kapaleeswarar and Parvati blessed devotees in the form of Karpagambal. The name Kapaleeswarar says to devotees that God is highest for everyone. The Temple built in the 7th century by Pallavas on the seashore and rebuilt in different place what we see today built by Vijaynagara Kings, Shaivite saints of the 7th century, Saint Sambandar and Saint Appar, have sung about this shrine in their hymns. Sambandar closely associated with this temple since he restored the life of poompavai when he visited the temple. Poompavai daughter of a merchant, he wanted to give her in marriage to Sambandar but She died in snake bite and her father kept her ashes in the pot and gave to Sambandar when he visited, Sambandar sang the hymns and restored the life of Poompavai in front of Lord Kapaleeswarar. Sambandar did not marry Poompavai since he became a father after he restored her life. Above image shows you the gopura of the temple.
Cultural Heritage Site
Kapaleeswarar temple is one of the most famous temples in Chennai city in the list As I said in my previous post, Vadapalani Temple. This temple also glorifies in 275 Padal Petra Sthalam and mentioned in notable work Thevaram. The place Mylapore also called as Vedapuri and Thirumayilai, further great Valluvar born in this place and Saint Thomas interred in this place, so this is remarkable cultural heritage site among the people who love to travel, so don't miss to getting the blessings of Kapaleeswarar and Karpagambal during your visit to Thirumayilai. The above image showing you the old view of Mylapore Kapaleeswarar Temple.

Temple Timings
Morning from 05.00 AM TO 12.00 PM
Evening  from 04.00 PM TO 09.30 PM

Special of the Temple
Arubathu Moovar festival in Panguni (March Month)

How to reach Kapaleeswarar Temple

By Air,
The nearest Airport to the Kapaleeswarar Temple in Chennai Airport which is 11 km away. 

By Train
The nearest railway station to the Kapaleeswarar Temple is Thirumayilai Station a km away by walking distance, and central railway stating 5 km away.

By Bus
There are a lot of buses available to Kapaleeswarar temple from Chennai locality T.Nagar, High Court and Tambaram. 

The location of the temple given below.

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