We have seen rocks are story of Mahabalipuram by Pallava dynasty but what about the story of Chola dynasty will be the article of this post. We cannot speak about Tamil Nadu culture, temples and achievement without the subject of Cholas. There architecture still remains in the people heart that's we have spoken about Tanjore big temple. Where we can start to speak about Cholas because they were started growing from the 2nd century but the fact, Cholas were raising in their architecture mainly when they capital of Tanjore. After they captured Tanjore as capital their art was increasing day by day which they occupied Kumbakonam and it called today as temple City. Kumbakonam is the temple City of Tamil Nadu behind the reason of Cholas dynasty. There is the sentence we have heard that "If do sin in Kasi, it will be soluble in Kumbakonam"  "If do sin in Kumbakonam, it will be soluble in Kumbakonam" that's what 10 lakhs people were merged in Magamagam festival which happens once in 12 years that connected mainly with Kasi Viswanathar temple. so the journey of temple City will be starting from Kasi Viswanathar temple that shown in above image.
Story of the  Place and Temple
Lord Brahma knew that world going to be destroyed so he wanted to pray with lord Shiva for preserve his creation work. Lord Shiva asked Brahma to collect the sand from all holy places and put the sand and elixir in the pot along with sperms of living things that Shiva gave to Brahma. When the world started to destroy, the pot rollover to south side and lord Shiva hit the pot which spread the place called Kudamukku later it called as Kumbakonam. The main deity of the temple is lord Shiva reflected as Kasi Viswanathar established as suyambu. The rivers Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada, Sarsvathi, Kaveri, Godavari, Sarayu, Krishna and Tungabhadra worshipped lord Shiva for remove sin which they get by devotees take holy bath. Lord Shiva asked them to go Kashi and visit Kumbakonam temples. Later they sit on Mahamaham tank and worshipped Shiva eventually the navakaniyar came from Kashi and worshipped Shiva so it called as Kasi Viswanathar temple. Further, the temple has other deities such as Visalakshi form of Parvati, Vinayagar, Nandhi and Kshetra lingam. The 60 feet of temple tower facing towards west and the temple was consecrated in 1550 by Sevappa Nayak. The temple also included in paadal Petra sthalam by Nayanars. Above image shown you temple deity during masi festival.

Mahamaham Tank
After Lord Shiva hit the pot by arrow, The elixir from the pot spreaded throught the place is called Mahamaham tank. The temple tank is one of the largest tank in Tamil Nadu. During Mahamaham festival almost 20 lakhs devotees visited the place and taken holy bath to remove their sin. The mahamaham festival happens once in 12 years when Jupiter enters Leo in the Tamil month of masi. Most of the temples in Kumbakonam consecrated by Govinda Dikshitar. The sixteen temples of Shiva around mahamaham Tank was built by Sevappa Nayak. The devotees who bath in mahamaham Tank will be get blessed for their seven generation. Mahamaham theertham also called as papanasa theertham, amudha theertham etc. There are 20 theertham found on mahamaham tank which are Indira theertham, Agni theertham, Yama theertham, niruthi theertham, varunai theertham, Vayu theertham, Kubera theertham, eshana theertham, bramma theertham, Ganga theertham, Yamuna theertham, Godavari theertham, Narmada theertham, Saraswati theertham, Cauvery theertham, Kumari theertham, bayoshni theertham, sarayu theertham, deva theertham and 66 crore theertham. in earlier days, the concept of mahamaham bathing is avoid the relationship because if avoid relationship we can avoid sin, later it was changed. Most of the devotees are bathing in mahamaham Tank on pournami(full moon day), Amavasai(no moon day) and month starting days. Finally, The lord, theertham and sthalam is combined of temple city Kumbakonam so Indian travel story blog recommends for tourists to take holy bath in mahamaham tank and worship Kasi Viswanathar temple along with amazing architecture of Chola dynasty.

Temple Timings

Morning 6.00AM To 12.00PM
Evening6.00 AMPM T12.00 PM0PM

Sp4.00 PMf th9.00 PM
Padaal Petra Sthalam

How to reach Kasi Viswanathar temple in Kumbakonam

By Air
The nearest airport of the Kasi Viswanathar temple is Trichy airport that away from 99km.

By Train 
The nearest railway station of the Kasi Viswanathar temple is Kumbakonam railway station which away from 1km.

By Bus
The nearest bus stand of the Kasi Viswanathar temple is Kumbakonam bus stand that away from 2km. There are minibuses available to Kasi Viswanathar temple from Kumbakonam bus stand.

Note: Mahamaham tank is situated opposite of Kasi Viswanathar temple.

Location of the Kasi Viswanathar temple in Kumbakonam given below.

Location of the mahamaham tank given below.

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