What happening around us is not only decided by us. Most of the people believe problems are happening by planets. The planets are changing human life and it decides human life to go ahead. If we see people life closely, we can see changes around them whether good and bad, that's what devotees ask suggestion with astrologers to do parihara in particular temple. Many temples were built with Navagraha which was worshipping by devotees to get the happiest life. We all know there are seven planets and solar, lunar eclipse form of Navagraha. The two are more worshipping which called Rahu and Ketu. So today we are going to see one of the most important Rahu Kethu sthalam in Tamil Nadu knows as Thirupampuram. Above image shows you the temple.
Story Of The Place
A major deity of the temple is Paampuranathar or Seshapureeswarar form of Lord shiva. The Temple's history teachings people to not living with arrogance in life. When a lord Ganesha (vinayaga) worshipped shiva for his needs at that time the snake(serpent) in the neck of shiva thought himself also worshipped by vinayaga. So shiva got angry and cursed serpent to eradication Shakti, later serpent realized mistakes and worshipping the temple along with major serpent adikesha which place called paampuranathar temple. Even today we can see the image inside the deity showing that serpent worshipping the lord shiva. There is no person in this place and surroundings bit by a snake. Above image showed you a deity of the serpent.
Analysis of the Temple
We have seen in the previous post that south Tirupathi is similar to Tirupathi identical Thirupampuram is similar to Kalahasti. The temple deity resolved dhosham of the serpent so it obviously resolves to people who have nagadhosham. Not only the temple has deities of Shiva and serpent it also has the deity Ambal(Amman), Murugan, and Rajavinayaga. Poojas of Rahu, Ketu very familiar here so people who have problems such as dhosham, seeing a snake in dreams and not having childbirth visiting the temple once. The devotees doing parikara in Rahu kalam which shown in the above image.

How to do Rahu Ketu Parihara in thirupampuram temple
* Need to buy two Archana for Shiva( Paampuranathar) and Ambal(Vandaar Poonkuzhali)

* Need to pay 300 inside the temple for parihara items.

* After doing Archana for Shiva and Ambal, devotees want to visit the priest and accomplish their rituals.

* Finally, devotees worshipping Rahu Ketu deity in the temple.

Temple Timings

Morning 7.00 AM to 12.30 PM

Evening  4.00 AM to   8.00 PM

Temple Special

Included in Paadal Petra Sthalams

How to reach Thirupampuram temple in thiruvarur district.

By Air

The nearest airport of the Paampuranathar temple is Trichy airport that away from 122 km.

By Train

The nearest railway station of the Paampuranathar temple is Peralam r Railway Station 8km, Kumbakonam railway station away from 27 km and Mayiladuthurai railway station away from 21 km.

By Bus

The nearest Bustand of the Paampuranathar temple is Karkathi bus stand which away from 3 km and share connects the temple. There are buses available to Karkathi from Kumbakonam which mainly connects Karaikal and also connects from Mayiladuthurai.

Free Hall
The devotees who come to paampuranathar temple can get a free hall to stay without any charge. Image of the hall shown above.
The location of the temple given below.

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