Life has full of lessons we can learn a lot. Travel has full of experience we can take memories. Memories created by others or us. I have got memories through the temple of kalahasthi built by Rajendra Cholan. Cholas gave me experience, They gave me memories, Though Rajendra Cholan was not alive, he is living through his architecture. What I can say about the temple. Shall I say it is one of the Pancha bhoota sthalas or it is one of the most famous Rahu Ketu sthalam. When we speak about travel we have to speak about God because he created everything. The gopura of the Kalahasthi temple is given in the above image.
Story Of The Temple.
We all know there are Pancha bhoota elements found which are Space, Fire, Water, Earth, and Air, The temple of Srikalahasti deity is associated with Air commonly Known as Lord Vayu Lingam. Lord Shiva blessed and gave boomed to Vayu who did penance for 1000 years in front of Karpoora Lingam. Vayu asked boomed to Shiva that he presents everywhere. Another side, Kannapa a south Indian saint was a pure devotee of Vayu Lingam, once lord shiva eye had been injured and Kannapa plucked his eyes and placed in the bleeding eye of Lord Shiva, and Kannapa didn't pluck his second eye since he cannot see the place where Shiva got injured later Shiva appeared and gave blessings to Kannapa, this incident closely associated with Srikalahasti temple of Andhra Pradesh. The name Srikalahasti named of Sri (spider), Kala (snake), and Hasti (elephant) worshiped Shiva Lingam here and attained moksha. 

Temple Construction and Deities
Most of the rajagopura of temples in India developed by kings, We have to give donations to temple like kings. initially, the Srikalahasti temple was developed by Pallavas, later it was constructed by Rajendra Cholan. In 1516 the temple was consistently developed by Krishnadevaraya who important emperor in the Tuluva dynasty. Adi Shankara, Sambandar, Appar, Manikkavachagar said to have visited this temple and noted in their hymns. Lord Shiva as Srikalahasteeswara, Parvati as Gnana Prasunambika blessed devotees here. The gorgeous view of the Swarnamukhi River shown in the above image with our beautiful eyes leads us to visit Lord Vayu only the place Srikalahasti. A human can get problems according to their Horoscope which can resolve by only God. My life changed after I put my feet on the Srikalahasti temple, I believe you are next.

Temple Timings
 6.00 AM To 9.30 PM

Special of the Temple 
Rahu Kethu Pooja 
Procedures of Rahu Ketu Pooja

* Devotees can purchase the ticket for Rahu Ketu Pooja.

* Ticket can be purchased from temple premises.

* There are tickets available for 300, 750, 1500 & 2500 according to the Doshas.

* Devotees can enter the hall according to the ticket price.

* Follow the priest's instructions to continue Rahu Ketu Pooja.

Please Note: There is no online ticket booking available for Rahu Ketu Pooja.

How to reach Srikalahasti Temple in Andhra Pradesh.

By Air
The nearest Airport to the Srikalahasti temple is Tirupati Airport 21 km away and Chennai Airport is 132km away.

By Train
The nearest railway station of the Srikalahasti temple is the Srikalahasti railway station that 2km away and the Renigunta railway station is 27km away.

By Bus
The nearest Bus Stand of the Srikalahasti temple is 1.5 km away. There are Buses available from Tirupati and Chennai.

Foods in Srikalahasti
South Indian Food

Accommodation in Srikalahasti
Government Temple Rooms Click Here

The location of the Temple is given below.

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