The sin and deed of humans are accountable by the lord Chitragupta. He wants to track the people who make sin in life and get into Yama. There are rarely found Chitragupta temple in India included Kanchipuram District of Tamil Nadu and I mentioned this temple in one of my post "Top 10 temples in Kanchipuram". The above right side image shows you an image of Chitragupta. 

History of the Temple
The temple built in the period of medieval Cholas in the 9th century and have three-tiered raja gopuras. Here, Lord Chitragupta blesses his devotees with the seated procedure along with a pen in his right hand and scripts in his left hand, As per Hindu belief, once Lord Shiva wanted to establish the moral in the world so he needed to calculate the good and bad of the people and give rewards and punishment, which he needed to assign duty for a person. so he drew the picture in a gold plate which becomes the deity as Chitragupta. He formed from the Chitra so he called with the name as Chitragupta. Finally, Lord Shiva ordered to Chitragupta that account good and bad of people and take into Yama who called death God. The temple was expanded by other dynasties after Cholas that shown in the above image.

Facts of the Temple
This is the unique temple in Kanchipuram. Most of the tourist guides are recommended this temple to the visitors. when devotees visit Chitragupta, They realize their sins and asked for forgiveness with the deity. When humans do sins in their life, they have to feel that every sins are accountable by Chitragupta which determines our soul to get rewards or punishable after death. when I have entered in this temple and seen the pen and script of Chitragupta hands thought me that, The Pallavas and Cholas who administered Kanchipuram their good and deed were tracked by Chitragupta and submitted to the Yama. The lord Yama punishes the people after the records of Chitragupta. The top of the post shows you people who did a sin in their life get penalizing by Yama with the duty of accountant Chitragupta.

Famous Festival in the Tempe
Chitra Pournami

Temple Timings
5:00 AM - 12:00 PM
5:00 PM - 11:00 PM

How to reach Chitragupta Temple In Kanchipuram

By Air
The nearest airport of the Chitragupta temple is Chennai airport that away from 63 km. 

By Train
The Kanchipuram railway station is the nearest railway station of the Chitragupta temple which away from 2 km. Tirupati -Puducherry passenger, Madurai-Mumbai express and Arakkonam- Chengalpattu trains connected to Kanchipuram. 

By Bus
The Chitragupta temple is 500m away from Kanchipuram bus stand. There are a lot of buses are connected to Kanchipuram from Chennai, Vellore and Bangalore.

The location of the Chitragupta temple given below.

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