That's the beauty of a girl, That's the beauty of Mountain, That's the beauty of Hills, That's the beauty of the upper lake shown in above image. So she called "Princess of Hills stations". The Western Ghats are languages of the mountain that speaks the main language as Kodaikanal. Kodai is the name derived from summer and Kanal is the name derived from the visit. We have a lot of places to visit in Kodaikanal. We can see the places just hearing the songs through a headphone and crossing the mountains. Let's starts to see the top 10 best places to visit in Kodaikanal.
1. Kodaikanal Lake
Kodaikanal lake is also called as Kodai Lake. Kodai Lake is considered one of the most famous lakes in Kodaikanal. The forest surrounding the lake bringing us to feel fresh and the mist covered the place bringing us to breathe well. Kodai lake helps couples to share their feelings and romance while travelling by boat. Not only it helps to share feelings of couples, but it also helps to family and friends to enjoy their journey. This is the drop place of Kodaikanal since all the tourists have combined here after visits to other places of Kodaikanal. The lake is situated 1km from the Kodaikanal bus stand. There are paddle boats, rowboats and shikar boat available to visit the lake. You can spend a beautiful evening in the place, the center of Kodaikanal. Above image shown you lake of Kodaikanal.
Kodaikanal Lake Boating Timings
8.30 AM To 6.00 PM

2. Coaker's Walk
We can realize from coakers walk that Kodaikanal is the princess of hills stations. Because we can see the beauty of mountains and plains while walking on the pedestrian path. The place was constructed by Lieutenant Coaker in 1872 that's what the place called Coaker. We can see the Periyakulam and Madurai city from the way of walking in coakers. It's the place where you can tell the love to your favourite one so join the hands and experience the coakers walk along with beautiful views. The coakers walk situated only 650m away from Kodaikanal bus stand. Beautiful mist of coakers walk shown in the above image.
Coaker's Walk Timings
7.00 AM To 7.00 PM

3.Bryant Park
Kodaikanal is the beauty of hills, Coakers Walk is the beauty of Plains but Bryant Park is the beauty of flowers. The people who enter into Byrant Park, they love to sit and rest sometimes to feel the pleasant smelling of flowers and grassland. This park was planned by H.D. Bryant who was worked under the forest department in 1908. The 20 acres of the park covers with complete fog and chill throughout the year. Most people get relax in the park after competed boat rides in Kodai lake since Byrant Park situated east side of the Kodaikanal Lake.
Bryant Park Timings
9.00 AM To 6.00 PM

4. Berijam Lake
     Berijam lake is one of the most famous reservoir in Kodaikanal. it is situated at 25 km away from Kodaikanal bus stand. It gives a greenish view to people who come for happiness. The Berijam lake maintained by the forest department since the people has to get passes when entering the forest. The people can visit the lake between 9 am to 3 pm throughout the year. Berijam Lake is situated in the middle of the forest, So it can be enjoying while traveling towards the lake. The Berijam lake was formed by a dam under a micro watershed project and the surface of the lake is very pure. So we recommend the people to visit the green view of Berijam lake along with beautiful photos. One of the photo image taken in berijam lake shown above.
Berijam Lake Timings
9.00 AM To 3.00 PM

5. Pine Tree Forest
Forest is the pillar of the nation which added more interested in the journey. Pine tree forest is one of the most visited tourist places in Kodaikanal which situated southwest of Kodaikanal. The traveller gets spectacular views in the pine tree when the fog surrounded. The pine trees plantation started by the effort of Mr. Bryant in 1906. The person who wants to set beautiful wallpapers pertaining to nature, they can visit Pine tree forest in Kodaikanal. Pine tree is 6 km away from Kodaikanal bus stand. The image shown above belongs to pine tree in kodaikanal.
Pine Forest Kodaikanal Timings
10.00 AM To 6.00 PM

6. Suicide Point
One of the most emotional place in Kodaikanal. Not only, we can see passing clouds in Kodaikanal but also we can see passing lives in Kodaikanal that's the place called suicide point. The suicide point is considered a very dangerous place in Kodaikanal. There are lakhs of visitor travelling to Kodaikanal yearly for their happiness such as honeymoon and vacations but few of them searching suicide point to end their existence of life. Most of the people feel in the place how the victims were mentally upset while fell down into a deep valley. There are different places are called suicide point in Kodaikanal which are deep valley that goes until 6000 feet. The above image shows you one of the suicide point that in kodaikanal.

7. Vattakanal Water Falls 
Vattakanal Falls is 3 km away from Kodaikanal bus stand. The falls entirely encircled by jungle which can be accessible by trekking. It's the most spectacular place in Kodaikanal. We can realize the beauty of western ghats from vattakanal falls. The place has more interesting and thrilling along with wonderful birds sounds. Memories are more important in life so don't forget to click the camera in vattakanal falls. Above image shown you vattakanal falls in Kodaikanal.

8. La Salette church 
La Salette church is the first catholic church in Kodaikanal and it was built in 1866. The church is above 7000 ft from the sea level, and it gets climate differences in every minute. The place has more silent and it helps to pray lord very deeply. There are a lot of cinema shootings was taken in this church. After we came out from the church, we can sit on the steps and feel the lord along with beautiful mist. The church was built with French style and looks white and blue colour further it has a symbol of Jesus aside. The La Salette church was situated 2 km away from Kodaikanal bus stand. The church was covered with mist that shown in the above image.

9. Dolphin Nose
This is the most visited trekking place of Kodaikanal and the most adventure and dangerous walkable place in the Kodaikanal. Dolphins nose name derived from a flat rock on the sight, we can bee see spectacular forest view standing on rock. People visit dolphin's nose after spending 3 hours. Dolphin's nose is situated 8 km from the Kodaikanal bus stand. Visitors advised to take proper travel needs to reach the place securely. The tip of the dolphin's nose shown in the above image.
Dolphin Nose Timings
6.00 AM To 5.30 PM

10. Devil's Kitchen
This place also called Guna Cave after the movie Guna was taken. We can be very careful when we visit guna cave since it has no grip to hold. Guna Cave was formed by three pillar rocks and it goes almost 2500 meters inside the cave.  Some of the people we're died when visited inside the cave. Guna Cave is one of the most dangerous places in Kodaikanal. Guna Cave is situated 7.5 km away from kodaKodaikanal stand. The deep valley in Guna Cave shown in the above image.
Guna Cave Timings
8.00 AM To 4.30 PM

Best Time To Visit In Kodaikanal
July To October

Kodaikanal Weather
Summer - 20 - 32 degree Celsius
Winter  - 14 - 26  degree Celcius

Hotels In Kodaikanal
Kodai Resort & Sterling Kodai Lake Resort

Foods In Kodaikanal
Non-Vegetarian - Imran Biryani
Vegetarian - Astoria veg restaurant 

Note: still there are a lot of hotels and foods best in Kodaikanal. 

How to reach Kodaikanal.

By Air
The nearest airport of the Kodaikanal is Madurai airport which is away from 133 km.

By Train 
The nearest railway station of the Kodaikanal is Palani, Kodai Road and Dindigul railway station.

By Bus
We can reach Kodaikanal from Chennai, Dindigul, Madurai and other districts.

Location of the Kodaikanal lake given below.

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