I was started from Chennai to Kumbakonam by Uzhavan express to visit Airavateswara temple in Darasuram. Before we go to some tourist places; we get excited about how the place will be, even I also got excited about that. When I was travelling by train, I thought myself to imagine the Chola dynasty in Tamil Nadu. I remembered about Raja Raja Chola I was built the Big Temple with great architecture that I mentioned in previous posts. That was the second time I was travelling to Kumbakonam which took me to read the articles about Raja Raja Chola II. Then I came to know that most of the Shiva temples in Tamil Nadu was built by Chola Dynasty. While travelling in lower birth and put off the light that got me to spiritual then I believed the Cholas were connected with Lord Shiva as the train connects with track. My mind was waiting to see the art of Airavateswara so I woke up before reached Kumbakonam. It took seven hours to reach Kumbakonam from Chennai. I felt to see the Chola architecture and I liked to see the mysterious temples in Tamil Nadu, finally I took a minibus to reach Darasuram from Kumbakonam bus stand, it got me to one of the World Heritage Site in Tamil Nadu that shown in above image.
Story of the place
Cholas were administered in Tamil Nadu at different periods and different places. We cannot express their art and culture by words but we can realize, I felt with that. I was merging with art and lord there. Airavatesvara temple constructed by Raja Raja Chola II in the 12th century during the period of Chola grew up in Tamil Nadu. That's the time art combined with architecture. Further, this temple was built when the Cholas capital was Palaiyarai. As per history, Airavata is a white elephant which vahana of Lord Indra. The elephant colour got changed to black by curse of sage Durvasa so it came to take bath in this temple tank. After elephant took bath it was regained its natural white colour then obviously the temple called as Airavatesvara. There is another story behind this temple that Lord Yama took bath in this temple tank. The temple was designed by horse and elephant pulling the chariot that shown in above image.
Mysterious behind temple
Not only Cholas were associated with architecture but also they merged with music. Even they knew the basic of Carnatic music that's what when we hit the seven steps in front of temple, produces Sa, Ri, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni. The steps are mysterious which we cannot see in other temples. I loved that, I think that you will love once. We can see that lord, music and architecture here a form of art. I loved the sound of each Swara from the steps. The mysterious steps of the temple given in above image.
Analysis of the temple
The temple was added in World Heritage Site in 2004 which includes in Great Living Chola Temples. After I visited the temple I felt that I never seen this temple. The sculptures in the temple are priceless and it cannot see in other temples in India. That's unique! There are a lot of sculptures in this temple that are established Tamil Nadu culture. Lord Shiva appears as Airavatesvara here along with a lot of deities such as Periya Nayaki, Durga, Nandi etc. When people visit this temple, they feel that Lord and culture are confluence here. I was coming back to home by train with beautiful dreams of Airavatesvara while putting off my birth light and think it over how the sculptor make an idol in the temple of Airavatesvara shown above.

Special of the temple
UNESCO World Heritage Site

Temple Timings
6.00 am To 8.00 pm

How to reach Airavateswara temple
District: Tanjore
City: Kumbakonam

By Air
The nearest airport of the Airavatesvara temple is Trichy airport that away from 88 km.

By Train
The nearest railway station of the Airavatesvara temple is Kumbakonam railway station that away from 5 km. There are Uzhavan, Cholan, Rameswaram trains are connected to Kumbakonam.

By Bus
The nearest bus stand of the Airavatesvara temple is Darasuram bus stand that away from 750 m. There are minibuses available between Kumbakonam and Darasuram.

The Airavateswara temple location given below.


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