If people hear name of Thiruvannamalai, they think lord Shiva would be deity of the place and the only administrator of the surroundings that's what Indian Travel Story blog written previously about how to get moksha for 21 generations when visiting Thiruvannamalai temple. The devotees of Vaishnavism and Shaivism has been arguing their supreme is best forever. But here they have to accept that Thiruvannamalai is a place for both Shavism and Vaishnavism since it situated in different surroundings. Whenever if we think particular place, we remember major deity of the place, but when we think Thiruvannamalai, we have to think lord Perumal as well as lord Shiva. In the heart of devotees, Lord may be different similar the place Thiruvannamalai showing different deity. So today we are presenting Thirupathi of south which situated in Thiruvannamalai near srivilliputur at virudhunagar district of Tamil Nadu that shown in above image.
Facts thirupathi of south
Most of the devotees who visited srivilliputur Andal temple and they returned without travel to Thirupathi south. But this temple gives benefit same as what we get from Thirupathi. Here lord Perumal has shown himself as Srinivasa Perumal similar to lord of seven hills. The standing posture of the Perumal in Thiruvannamalai also similar to Thirupathi that's what the temple called as Thirumala Thirupathi of south. Each and every avatar of the lord to preserve the devotees similar the lord of seven hills stayed here to preserve his devotees. Most of the time people travel to the temple for need wellness and remove sin from the body that's what the temple has Koneri theertham which found near the temple. The devotees climbing to the temple by 150 steps which cannot take more than one hour. The above image shown you steps of the temple.
Temple Functions
The devotees wherever, whenever and however, they see the timings for travel to the temple because they loved to joining and chanting the god names along with groups whether festivals belongs to shavism or Vaishnavism. It's common to all, The Thirupathi of south also have a lot of festivals in monthly that given in the above image. Finally, whenever people visit Andal temple, they can also visit thirupathi of south. By these Indian Travel Story blog recommends people that whenever we go to particular place, clarify that's the place has any other surroundings to visit for travel because we are not sure that same place we go another day.

Special of the Temple
Standing posture similar to Thirupathi

Temple Timings
Morning 6am  - 11am
Evening  4pm  -   8pm

How to reach Thirumala Thirupathi of south

By Air
The nearest airport of south Thirupathi is Madurai airport that away from 79km.

By Train
The nearest railway station of the south Thirupathi is Srivilliputur railway station that away from 7km.

By Bus
There are buses available to south Thirupathi from Srivilliputur timely. But share auto available to reach the entrance of the temple from Srivilliputur railway station and other locality.

Location of the temple given below

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