Without the diseases of lives make the healthiest nation, most of the lives lost by heart attack. When the patient comes with cardiology diseases, doctor suggested to do surgery. if it is unstable, the doctor asked us to pray with God. After patient gets well doctor said "God Is Great" so why don't we worship the lord before get heart-related diseases that's the temple Indian Travel Story presents today know as Hrudayaaleeswarar temple in Thiruninravur at Thiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu. The temple is most famous for curing heart diseases. Not only the patients suffering from cardiology diseases visiting the temple but also the doctors have been worshipping the temple. The above image shown you image of the temple.

History of the temple
There are lot of temples in India, each and every temple has individual history, we have seen previously how sai baba cure diseases in Shirdi but Hrudayaaleeswarar temple has unique history which bring us to reach on the 7th century. Pusalar is a devotee of lord Shiva. He wanted to build the temple for lord Shiva but he could not able to build the temple since he had live with poverty so he built the temple in his heart and decided to make Consecration. On the same day Pallava king decided to make consecration for Kailasanathar temple therefore lord Shiva appeared  in dreams of Pallava king and asked to postpone the date since he wanted to visit the consecration of Pusalar temple. Then Pallava king was visiting Pusalar and wanted to see the temple while Pusalar show the temple from his heart and he disappeared. Later Pallava king was built the temple which called as Hrudayaaleeswarar. The entrance of the temple shown above.

Patients and doctors
The above image shown that devotee worshipping in deity of the temple aside. Sometimes what doctors could not make it possible surgery also possible by worshipping the temple. Patients and doctors are devotees of the temple, most of the devotees are preventing heart diseases by worshipping the Hrudayaaleeswarar temple, devotees can worship pusalar idol with deity of lord Shiva which also special of the temple. Life has problems that can be weak our heart so preventing cardiology diseases is the medicine by praying Hrudayaaleeswarar temple that's what India's leading travel blog Indian Travel Story recommends Hrudayaaleeswarar temple to strengthen our heart.

      Temple Timings
     Morning  6.30  - 12.30
    Evening   12.30 -  8.30

     Special Of The Temple
   Curing Heart Diseases

How to reach Hrudayaaleeswarar temple

By Air
The nearest airport of the Hrudayaaleeswarar temple is Chennai airport which away from 34km.

By Train
The nearest railway station of the Hrudayaaleeswarar temple is Thiruninravur railway station that away from 1.7km.

By Bus
The nearest bus stand of the Hrudayaaleeswarar temple is Thiruninravur bus stand that away from 2.6km.

The location of the temple given below

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