There are reason behind who born in this world that's what Lord also born and brought up in this world. It's common to all the avatars of Lord. To avoid the sin between the humans from demons, the Lord Vishnu made ten primary avatars similar believed Lord shiva avatar as Saint in 19th century named Sai Baba. Though Sai baba was born in Brahmin family, He was preserved all the religion and caste. He was lived apart from the religion thats what he has trust across the countries. The above image shown you one of the major worship place called Shirdi Sai Baba Deity in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra.
 Sai Baba Mantras through temple tower
Geographically, Shirdi is administrated by muncipal council but devotionally its surrounds and chanting the Sai baba mantras by the devotees. The devotees who comes to Shirdi Sai baba temple must believed that Sai baba will be cured diseases and problems which has been happening since Sai baba came to live in Shirdi at age of 16.  Most of the devotees believed that Sai baba mantras administrating universe through pure spirituality from the temple tower which was started from the small neem tree. The above image shown you tower of the Shirdi Sai baba temple.
                      Mercy of Saibaba 
Sai Baba was born and brought up in Hindu and Muslim family so he wanted to follow the Quran and Bhagavat Gita which were leaded himself as Saint to the people. When Sai baba was sit under the neem tree, he was asked the people to learn Epics. The people who came with sadness, Sai baba cured and asked to Chant mantras of their own Lord. The major service of the Sai baba was providing foods who came with hunger which is still following in sai baba temples. The above image shown you mercy of Saibaba.                             
                   Wonders of Sai Baba
Sai baba temples, mantras, photos are increasing day by day which we can see not only in temples but also in homes, vehicles, Facebook, Twitter etc. Each and every one wanted to get blessings of sai baba that's what the devotees want to share Sai baba image or saved in gallery.  Some devotees want to worship Sai baba on Thursday since Sai Baba Praise as guru. One of the major auspicious of Sai baba temple is Aarti which was started in early morning Kakad Aarti, Madhya Aarti in afternoon then Dhoop Aarti in evening last Shen Aarti at night. Though he was born in pathri village, He has been praising in all over India, even He breathed last in 20th century still Shirdi praising his magical happenings through devotees. The diseases not cured by doctors also cured by Sai baba and problems happenings by planets also destroyed by Sai baba.Finally Shirdi Sai baba is medicines for patients and solution for your problems. The above image shown you machilipatnam sai baba temple.                 
How to reach Shirdi Sai Baba temple.

By Air
The nearest airport of the Shirdi Sai Baba temple is Shirdi airport which is away from 15km.

By Train
The nearest railway station of Shirdi sai baba temple is Shirdi sainagar railway station which is away from 3km. There are trains available from other cities. From chennai to Shirdi has weekly train.

By Bus
The nearest bus stand of Shirdi Sai baba temple is Sai baba bus depot which is away from 4km. There are lot of buses connecting to Shirdi from other cities.

The location of the temple given below

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