"Om Namah Shivaya" Om Namah Shivaya" Om Namah Shivaya" chanting these mantras destroying the sin in this world, The person who is trying to say these mantras curing of diseases, the person who saying these mantras relived from sin. These mantras are administrating in the universe. We have seen already how the Radha Krishna love spreading to universe similar we go and see how the Lord shiva appears through architecture and heritage in Thanjavur Brihadeeswarar temple known as Periya Kovil. Apart from science, we believe there is superior power above us. In Hinduism, they believe the superior power administrated by lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is a destroying God in the world especially Hinduism who follows Shaivism. He destroys the problems happening in the world through his Shakthi that's what the people worshipped him most. An individual man can change the world if he has Shakthi himself, similar a individual man thought showed to UNESCO world heritage sites about one of the most famous temple in India that Brihadeeswarar temple. When we enter the temple of Brihadeeswarar, we get realized that how the Raja Raja Cholan was built this temple thus amazing photo shot given above.
      Spirituality of Raja Raja Cholan
Cholas were created spirituality between the peoples in Tamil Nadu. Their temples were contribute cultural and heritage to Tamil Nadu. In these modern days lot of buildings are built which are destroyed in a year but the Brihadeeswarar temple was crossed 1000 years by 2010 and still praising Tamil Nadu culture to the world. This culture and spiritually was origin by an individual mind great Raja Raja Cholan. His excellence of administration, He gathered granite and sandstone along with elephants. when people visit Brihadeeswarar temple, once they have to think about Raja Raja Cholan since sculptures and architecture are remembering him. Though the Raja Raja Cholan was died, he is living through his massive Brihadeeswarar temple. The major reason for this big temple was built by Raja Raja Cholan because of his spirit through lord Shiva. The above image shown you the statue of King Raja Raja Cholan.          
     The Nandi Vahana               
The entrance of the Brihadeeswarar temple asking people to come and share their problems and needs through Nandi Vahana of Lord Shiva. When the people share their problems to Nandi, they believe that problems reached to Shiva. When the problem destroyed in our life we believe our queries reached lord Shiva by Nandi. In Brihadeeswarar temple we can see huge Nandi Vahana of Lord Shiva in the entrance which was made on a single stone. Above image shown you nandhi vahana of Lord Shiva.

   Heritage of Brihadeeswarar temple
The architecture shows the heritage of the temple, the sculptures show devotional of the temple. It stands more than 1000 years because of its civilization, further it will praise another 1000 years. We have to gratitude to Raja Raja Cholan for these heritage temple. Until the Brihadeeswarar temple in the earth, Raja Raja Cholan live in people heart. Not only we save money and assets for the next generation, but also preserve architecture and heritage. Indian Travel Story recommends people to visit Brihadeeswarar temple in their life once because of the architecture, sculptures. The shadow of the temple will not be fall down similar The architecture of the temple will not be fall down from our eyes. The night image of the temple above given spectacular views to the people.       
  Temple Timings
     6.00AM - 9PM

   How to reach Brihadeeswarar Temple in Thanjavur.

By Air
The nearest airport of Brihadeeswarar temple is Trichy airport which is away from 60 km. We have buses and taxi available from Trichy airport to Tanjore.

By Train
The nearest railway station of Brihadeeswarar temple is Tanjore railway station that away from 1 km.    There are trains available to Tanjore from Chennai such as Cholan express, Chennai express & Tiruchendur express.

By Bus
The nearest bus stand of Brihadeeswarar temple is Tanjore old bus stand which is away from 850 meters only and we have a lot of buses available from other districts of Tamil Nadu.

The location of the temple given below 

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