The spirit of Sai Baba is the feel of the heart and greatness of the Sai Baba is the spirit of the world. The Sai Baba preserved the people who believe him most. Today we are going to see about the facts of Sai Baba temple which situated at Morai in Thiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu.
The devotees who are visiting the Sai Baba temples increasing day by day since his powerful taught people to be care in each and every moment of their life. The Morai Sai Baba is curing the disease who comes with illness and give blessings who come with sadness. when we enter  into the Morai Sai Baba temple, we can see a lot of philosophy to life which help us to learn that how we go through life and we learn how important that we service to others. There are three important facts in the temple which are faith, silence, and patience. When human follow these three facts, they come to the decision of life to be happy. There are a lot of philosophy found in Sai Baba temple and the deity of Sai Baba in Morai given above.
Most of the devotees are worshipped Sai Baba on Thursday since Sai Baba praise as guru, A lot of pooja are occurred only on Thursday. If the people don't care about the crowd, they can visit Sai Baba on Thursday's otherwise we can worship on other weekdays.
Sai Baba is caring for all the people whether Hindu, Muslim or Christian. Wherever the devotees travelling, they take the Sai Baba photo or philosophy which they think as Baba always with them, Baba is always expecting only real spirituality from the devotees.
Mostly the devotees are worshipped Saibaba on nine Thursday continuously through home, as well as  and nearest Sai Baba temple. One of the most famous mantra of Sai Baba is "Om Sai Ram" this mantra is repeated by devotees in Sai Baba temples and the people's mind. The Sai Baba always thinks about the devotees who come to see him, further Morai Sai Baba temple administrator's offering food to the devotees every Thursday who visits the temple. So we recommend to visit the Sai Baba temple of Morai when people come to Thiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu.

How to reach Morai Sai Baba temple

By Air
The nearest airport is the Morai Sai Baba temple Chennai airport that away from 41 km by road.

By Train 
The nearest railway station of the Morai Sai Baba temple is Avadi railway station which is away from 9km. 

By Bus 
The nearest bus stand of the Morai Sai Baba temple is Baba Temple. There are MTC buses are available to Morai Sai Baba temple from Avadi and Broadway.

The location of the temple

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