I have spent a lot of time to visit the temples in India but I never thought myself to satisfy through the art and spirituality. When I was visiting Kailasanthar temple in Kanchipuram, I felt with  art and spirituality combined there, then I believed why it is called as Lord of the Cosmic Mountain. There are almost a thousand of temples in Kanchipuram but Kailasanathar temple is equal to all and also it is included in one of my previous post "Top 10 Best Temples in Kanchipuram". The above image showed you the shrines of the temple.

Pallavas Achievement
We all know  Kanchipuram is the capital of Pallavas when they ruled over. The Kailasanthar temple reminds the art of Pallavas and it has secret sanctuary collects the moment how they preserved themselves during the war. The visitors can enter the sanctuary in an end and exist from another end which also explained in historical that a person enters as a child in one end and exist aged from another end. When I have entered the cave, I realized the feeling of the sanctuary that surrounds Lord Shiva who deity of the temple, after I came to know, this achievement belongs to Pallava King Narasimhavarman II who built the temple in the 7th century.
Art of the Temple
I have written Rocks are the story of Mahabalipuram but Kailasanthar temple is sandstone of Kanchipuram. The 58 shrines of the temple are inspired me to respect the Pallavas. The animal sculptures of the temple inspired me to admire the Pallavas. I wanted to see who carvings these sculptures, I wanted to imagine how Narasimhavarman has supervised these works. I have asked these questions when I was surrounding the temple. Men can be silence when seeing attractive women similar I had silence when saw idols in Kailasanthar temple. After I have visited the temple I believed the excellence of Tamilan not only in language but also in sculptures they carved, that's what most of the visitors from overseas visiting the temple. It's all, the art of Pallavas. The person who goes to the Kailasanathar temple becomes poet, The person who visits the sculptures of the Kailasanthar temple becomes a photographer, the person who speaks to the idol of Kailasanthar temple becomes the writer that's what I love the Kanchi Kailasanthar temple.

Special of the Temple
Lord of the Cosmic Mountain

Temple Timings
09.00 AM TO 12.30 PM
04.00 PM TO 06.30 PM

How to reach Kailasanthar Temple

By Air
The nearest Airport of the Kailasanthar temple is Chennai Airport that away from 69 km.

By Train
The nearest railway station of the Kailasanthar temple is Kanchipuram railway station that away from 2.7 km

By Bus 
The nearest bus stand of the Kailasanthar temple is Kanchipuram bus stand that away from 2.1 km.

The location of the temple given below

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