At the time, the poet was writing a poem in the paper when winds turn the paper due to monsoon starts while hearing the song in-ears from nearest Amman temple, The month of aadi starts. The aadi month special for auspicious which will be more precious to devotees who loves to grow throughout life. When summer ends, and winter starts while birth of aadi month that's what devotees called Amman as mariamman which means Mari refers as rain and Amman refers as mother similar in thiruverkadu Amman called as karumariamman which means the black clouds are giving rain to people same karumariamman gives blessing to people. So lord Amman has different appearence and different names in different places further Malaiyanallur angalamman temple is major praised among the devotees. It's considered as mothers of all angalamman temple. The above image shown you deity of muthumariamman.
Aadi Begins
The month also known as ashadha but it familiar with aadi in south India.
When the sun travels towards the south in the month of aadi starts, which falls on mid-July and it ends in mid-August. As per astrology, the sun signs into Gemini it occurs. When Neems are tying in the temple, homes and streets, we can say that month of aadi starts. Devotees are getting to Amman temples in the month which becomes more crowd. The poojas are started from Amman temples and it reaches to the devotees with blessings. Most of the devotees are wearing red and yellow saree to worship Amman. This month entirely goes auspicious, spiritual along with devotional music. Above image shown that Amman decorations in the street month of aadi.

Aadi Krithigai
Most of the people's believes the month of aadi belongs to lord Amman but the fact, there is another lord is famous in the month of aadi. Offcourse! what you think it's right! That's lord Murugan. Every star is belongs to every lord and the festival of every lord pertaining of nakshatras such as Mahamaham festival happens in magam nakshatra and Karthigai Deepam celebrated at Thiruvannamalai in Krittika nakshatra. Similar aadi Krithigai is  celebrated for karthigai nakshatra in Murugan temples. The Krittika Nakshatra is favour for lord Murugan since the lord Murugan was growing with support of six karthigai pengal. The karthigai pengal( six women) are merging and becoming a nakshatra as karthigai still they are brighting in space. Most of the Murugan temples are more crowded in aadi Krithigai especially Thiruthani is most famous for aadi Krithigai. Above showing a child takes kavadi on Krithigai.
Aadi Amavasai
Each and every month has amavasai, then why amavasai falls on aadi month more important. We have seen already about in the post of Rameshwaram, how devotees pay tribute to ancestors in aadi Amavasai. Lot of devotees are doing rituals to their ancestors in oceans and rivers that called as tarpana. In one of my previous posts, I have given the image a man paying tarpana in thiruvallur temple. When moon and earth combined together is a time celebration of Amavasai. The souls are looting in crematorium at the time of aadi amavasai. Consistent of problems in home happens by our ancestors that's what most of the devotees are paying tarpana in aadi amavasai and get blessings from their ancestors. After they finished tarpana, they started offering foods to the people's and worship their ancestors by photos in their home. Above shown image belongs to tharpana given
Aadi Pooram
The person who wants to learn true spirituality, They have to learn spirituality of Andal. Most of the people said aadi Pooram also known as Andal Jayanti since Andal was born in month of aadi. We all know that Andal was born in srivilliputur and he was found under the Tulsi tree plant by periyalvar who included in twelve Alwar. When we go to srivilliputur, we can see individual deity of Andal aside. The aadi Pooram is the festival purely praises for Andal and the poojas started from morning in srivilliputur Andal temple. The above image shown you birthplace of andal in srivilliputur.
Aadi Perukku
Devotees celebrate adi Perukku shown in above image.
Today We are not received heavy rainfall that's not getting more water from Cauvery But aadi Peruku festivals has been following from period of Cholas. The famous novel written by Kalki is ponniyin selvan which was started the chapter with aadi festival so aadi peruku festival is one of the oldest cultural festival of Tamil Nadu. However the Cauvery orgin in thalakavery from kudagu hills of Karnataka, it more useful to Tamil Nadu formers that's what cholas also constructed the dam for irrigation. People's are worshipping Amman to fall more rain and thanking river Cauvery while aadi peruku. The festivals most celebrated in banks of Cauvery. The famous Tamil poet said about Cauvery in two lines which follows. 
"However the Cauvery is daughter of Karnataka, it's daughter in law to Tamil Nadu"
Neem, lemon and Koozh
The neem is medicine of chickenpox by blessings of lord Amman that's what the people most using Neem in the summer. Lemon is the most utility citrus fruit in the month of aadi and also It is used to avoid drushti(Eye Vision) who have jealousy with others. Sometimes devotees put the lemon on Amman foot and tie in front of home. One of the famous food offering in aadi month is koozh which made up of finger millet thus offering to people in Amman temples and streets. The about image shown you that devotee offers koozh in street. Finally, The month of aadi gives amazing benefits to devotees such as wealth, grow, child blessings etc. There are almost 108 mantras for lord Amman, each and every mantra has one Amman name, people have nearby Amman temple in that 108 so visit the Amman temple in month aadi and chanting Amman along with auspicious music.

Aadi Festivals 2019

Aadi Begins         -   16/07/2019

Aadi Krithigai      -    26/07/2019

Aadi Amavasai   -    31/07/2019

Aadi Perukku      -    03/08/2019

Aadi Pooram      -     03/08/2019

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