Efforts are being placed by humans but postings are only decided by God. In one of my previous post was stating about buying a new house will be the dream of everyone that would be accomplish by visiting balamurugan temple in siruvapuri of Ponneri city. Similar need to get higher position in your job will be the answer of visiting Andarkuppam Murugan temple in same Ponneri city. Most of the people are getting more problems in their job and they feel not getting promotion though they put a lot of efforts. Therfore who wants to go higher post in their job, visit Murugan temple in Andarkuppam that shown in above 

Story Of The Temple
What behind the secrets of the temple to give higher posting. It's surprising! There are a lot of Murugan temple seen in previous posts such as thiruthani Murugan temple, kundrathur Murugan temple and siruvapuri temlple but Andarkuppam temple has balancing administrative problems for devotees who visit the temple. The reason behind the temple belongs to creator Lord Brahma. When lord Brahma way to Kailash he ignored to see Lord Murugan. Immediately lord Murugan angered and called Brahma to close him then asked the explanation of his positions and qualifications. Brahma cannot explained clearly about Murugan questions here lord Murugan has proved that he known everything compare than creator with his empowerment so he offered positions to devotees. The above image shown you about the temple included in Thiruppugazh by Arunagirinathar.
Different Aspects
Each and every person should be turned to child, adult and aged. This has to be nature, But we cannot except the same to God. Because God has several aspects which considered as avatar or posture. When people visit Subramanya Swamy in Andarkuppam, they can see three aspects of lord Murugan. Here the lord Murugan praised as adhikara that morning himself as child, afternoon as adult and evening as aged. We cannot see these three aspects in other Murugan temples, therefore visit the Balasubramanya temple in Andarkuppam and get the senior position in job. Above image shown you entrance of the temple.
Temple Timings
Special of the temple
Get senior position in job

How to reach Andarkuppam Murugan temple

By Air
The nearest airport of the Andarkuppam Murugan Murugan temple is Chennai airport that away from 43km.

By Train
The nearest railway station of the Andarkuppam temple is Kavaripatai and Ponneri railway station both are almost 7km.

By Bus
The nearest bus stand of the Andarkuppam temple is Andarkuppam bus stand. There are buses available from Chennai and Redhills. The temple is away 1km from bus stand, we can go by walk or auto.

The location of the temple given below

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