When we journey to particular place, we can be known that place by reading articles otherwise we never known the place we go. After we go to that place, we excited through our feelings by watching people's, inscriptions, art of temples and architecture. Each and every tourist places are teaching culture of the particular place or teaching civilization of the place. If we go to tanjore big temple, we learn architecture of the temple, if we go to mahabalipuram, we learn inscriptions of Pallavas. No one can make the place as property because it lives aparts from time and it has relationship with centuries. It connects people to religion, culture and languages. We have seen previously how Indian train coaches connect religion and casts through travel. So travel connects everyone similar Indian Travel Story connects you through travel along with articles. The above image shown you how Indian Travel Story Connects each other through travel.

Story of the place
There is no religion in India or world  teaches people to immoral, All the religions are teaching to people live as unity only. Each and every human being has to live togetherness. Even ancient kings known well about Unity. Unity has to spread across the world, we cannot say only the unity spreads on humans it spreads between animals. Where we learn to live uniformly? How we teach our child to live as uniformly? We find the answer in World Heritage site Mahabaliluram. That's a art of sculptor ! The above image shown you sculpture of three monkey which reflection of unity. There is no other image find in world to live as togetherness else above image that's what it certified by UNESCO. Finally Indian Travel Story teaches people to live uniformly by presenting above sculpture and this blog also recommend people to live union.

                        Unfamiliar Temples
Above image shown you kalyana srinivasa perumal in malaipattu. Most of us speaking always about only the temple familiar such as Andal temple in srivilliputur, Shiva temple in thiruvannamalai,
 big temple in tanjore, Meenakshi Amman temple in madurai. All the temples are in India has particular deity then why don't we speak or blogging about other temples in India because ancient temples are reflection of culture and architecture the temples built later cannot be recognized by media and blog. But Indian Travel Story finding unfamiliar temples in India which has started from Chennai that's what our initial step has taken from malaipattu anjineyar temple, morai saibaba temple, siruvapuri murugan temple and Hrudayaaleeswarar temple in Thiruninravur. So learn famous places and unfamiliar places to travel for your life from leading travel blog in India and chennai's no.1 travel blog Indian Travel Story which continues on weekends.

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