We all know that life is short, in a short period of time every one wish to live with happiest life so most of the people seeking happiness through travel. What travelling teach to people and what connects travel, Confluence of people in journey become new ideas and new culture. We have seen in previous post pamban connects the heart of the devotees similar we are going to see the travel in different angle about transport system in India connects different religion and different casts through travel, especially Indian railways has been contribution for travel since 1853. The above image shown you passenger train of Indian railways.

                         Zones on Indian Railways
Wherever we go in India, we have search in google whether the route has any train available. What's the reason behind the search..? Train is comfortable and train tickets at a low cost. Every journey needs comfortable if we get lower birth or side lower which will be giving more happiness that we feel achieve something in life. Indian railways is one of the largest network in India which have crossed tourists, devotees and traders. The tourist surrounds India, the devotees worship the temples and traders doing the business. Each zone of Indian railways merging with different places such as southern Indian railway is merging with Chennai city to Kanyakumari, eastern railway merging with West Bengal to Jharkhand. Zones are also merging the passengers to speak different languages which expanded the regional language to country official language so the Indian railways zones not only connecting the religions and casts but also the languages. The above image shown you central railway station which recently changed as MGR railway station belongs to the zone of southern Indian railway.

                             Developed Railways
Intially the railways in India was started to supply granites stone by steam locomotive but later it has been developing through meter guage to broad guage. The comfortable of the train rapidly increasing depends on people cost, Indian railways also growth it's high comfortable trains suvidha and shatabthi express. Money may differentiate the trains, but station connects the humans. Tracks connects the states and cities similar people connects their religion and casts through journey in Indian railways. The life is a line of behaviour will learn by train runs in track for it's destination so India's leading blog Indian travel story recommends people to love the travel for their destination by the excellence service of Indian railways.

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