What we get from this life is belongs to what we sacrifice in this life. There are lot of sacrifices people consistently provided to others. The people have completed their life after they struggled for their family. Most of the people destroyed their happiness for family commitment. Finally they have not lived happiest life and deceased which affects on next generation. The problems happening in a family by heridity, that's what people's want to tribute to their ancestors in Thai Amavasai that showing above image near shiva temple side with Veeraraghava temple in Tiruvallur district.
      Special of Veeraraghava temple
The temple was built in 7th century by Pallavas dynasty and one of the Divya desham praising Lord Vishnu. The Veeraraghava temple has more auspicious during Thai and adi amavasai for paying tharpanam to forefathers. The devotees are providing foods to the people on the day and accomplish their ancestors dreams. The person who get problem consistently which belongs to their ancestors. The devotees who come to Veeraraghava temple not only belongs to Vaishnavism but also Shaivism.
                    Temple Pond                     
The temple has most famous in Tiruvallur district so the devotees are mainly comes to the temple pond and bathing to avoid problems in their life and paying tribute to their ancestors. After they bathing in the pond they believe that problems and diseases will be cured. The above image showing you pond of Veeraraghava temple.   
 Temple Timings
    Morning 5.00 - 12.00
   Evening  4.00 -  9.00

How to reach Vaidhya Veeraraghava temple

By Air
The nearest airport of the Veeraraghava temple is chennai airport which is away from 46km away.
By Train
The nearest railway station of the temple is Tiruvallur railway station which away from 3km.
By Bus
There are lot of buses connected to the temple through Tiruvallur from chennai, Kancheepuram, Sriperumbudur and other districts.
            Location of the temple given below

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