People are forgetting the problems by seeing the ocean from Vivekananda rock in Kanyakumari district which reflects in above image.
This is the world, giving pressure to us, we are not only getting pressure by humans but also situations. The problem making problem always. Each and every one has problems which lead us to get depression. In this world, even a bird getting foods by crossing problem and also a man strives for life by getting problems. The human has been living to prove their obligations in this society which lead them to fall on problems as mentally and physically. Finally we have to live the life without depression. When people have pressure on their life, they can diverted their mind to different situations that different situation not happened by remaining in same place such as home, office or regular places we go on. We have to change the angle what we see. thus we have said of above image that depression avoid the angle what wee see in this world. Indian travel story recommended people to avoid pressure in life by choosing travel. The below places make you happy and avoid pressure in your life.
Kodaikanal Theraphy
In the modern world, There are lot of diseases such as cardiac problems, diabetes and low to high blood pressures which are occurred by not following the diet regularly and irregular exercises. Kodaikanal is teaching to people for live healthiest life. By visits Kodaikanal we can avoid the pressure and depression. The places of the Kodaikanal gives fresh air and mist to smell. In that situation we forget the pressure of life, some places of Kodaikanal to avoid pressure in life that given below.
           Princess Of Hill Station
            Kodaikanal Lake
           Berijam Lake
             La Salette Church
Working pressure in chennai
Most of the people's in chennai working under IT, BPO, Engineers, Journalists, mechanics and self employed. When they are working under the certain department they have got pressured whether completed the target or stretching the time to work. There is no any individual law to ask these injustice
Even they called the employees to work on Independence Day. In this available time they have to enjoy their life without pressure by visiting places in chennai that are follows.
          Walking On Chennai Marina
Devotional visit
The moment we think the God in life when we have problems, when we are in operation theatre we call the god to preserve  and we are in unsafe situations we think that God cares all, sometimes only we think the god when we happy, Similar visiting the temples in life gets changes of mind. There are lot of temples around the world. inorder people has to worshiped the Lord to avoid pressure. When some temples in India are brought us to early centuries which we forget the current situation so we have given below the some early centuries temples in India.
           Radha Krishna Loves
  Family pressure and love depression
One of the consecutive pressure we received from family. Family making us pressure on lot of situations inorder family pressure depends for money or obligations. The life is for family and the life is for parents or children's who we liked most. When we strive for them we get pressure. Similar The feeling of the love is not explained by a single word which we want to continue until the life. Most of the people wanted to forget the love in the situation of the lover of him or her committed to other one. By these situation lot of people's are committed suicide by themselves. In that situation some people have got depressed. They have to go and see what happens around the world and learn how love or family joining together which have given below.
       Live Joint Family
              Bathing Bengal Tiger

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