The life of travel begins with mother by feeding milk for their babies, then babies brought up and   Kill their mother or kick their mother by drinking a glass of alcohol, this is happened globally. The alcohol making people to avoid relationship and kindness in order attitude become disrespectful in some situations. Even a glass of beer making problem in your life of travel.
                 A journey of relationship
We have been walking with hands of relationship which are leading up to grow in the society. The mother is heart of relationship and father is brain of relationship that we never understand until they live with us. The alcohol making drinkers to hate mothers and disrespectful with father which also making suffer relationship. The words can change the world and voice can change the society but the alcohol inspired to speak the words badly. We can live without alcohol but we cannot live without relationship.
                      Alcohol on society
Today one of the dangerous word in the society is treat, Whatever the function or wherever the function or whenever the function, the function includes birthdays, engagements, marriages, festivals or retirements. These are not teaching our cultural to the next generation, it teaches only injustice to society by drinking alcohol. After the parties over in the night time, the alcohol play a major role in the human mind which are accident, rape or murder. Rash driving in accident, rape by lust and murder by quarrel in the society by drinking glass of beer or alcohol.
                    Alcohol affects family
A group of speaking in what's app gives more happy in our life but a group of persons sharing feelings in family cannot be explained by words. Wherever we travel in this world not better than time spending with family. Most of the happiness of a family destroyed by the person who drinks alcohol on the same family. Alcohol not only affects the society but also the family. Alcohol changes the mind to  injustice for the family and society so the life of travel with family must be healthy without alcohol.
               Government responsibility 
The state government earning more profit by running wine shops. Government has to know that money will not be generated sacred society. A glass of alcohol drinking by individual person destroyed family at the same time a lot of glasses drinking by a group of persons destroyed the society. Laws are created for public and society. So the government has to take responsibility to reduce wine shops. Finally, a life of travel has to live without alcohol.

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