Rocks are story of Mahabalipuram which are speaking story of Pallavas. The Pallavas were created the sculptures through art. Each and every rock in Mahabalipuram remembering the art of Pallavas dynasty. We have seen already the Brihadeeswarar temple of the Cholas dynasty in Thanjavur which marked by the UNESCO World Heritage site. Similar we are going to see another World Heritage site in Mamallapuram commonly known as Mahabalipuram.
The 7th to 8th century of Pallava King Narashimma II called Pallava Rajashima was major contributed to Mahabalipuram. His service to the art was reflected in their rock found. The Narasimha II was a great poet and artist of the period during his administration so he constructed the shore temple between the Bay of Bengal. According to the archaeological of India, the temple stands on the bedrock near the sea its globally called shore temple. There are two shrines on temple one faced east and another one faced west. The spectacular view of the shore temple given above.              Rathas of Pancha Pandavas
These five Rathas are showing unity of Pandavas which we cannot find in today's siblings. These five Rathas are also called a group of monuments in Mahabalipuram. The rocks were excavated during the King Pallava narasmava I. These five rathas are hewn out of the solid rock to form five standing monolithic temples that's what it stands for more than 1200 years. Each Ratha teach to people, about the consequence of life and morality. further, it remembers incidents of the Mahabharata to the people that follow below.
           Dharmaraja Ratha
When we see the Dharmaraja ratha, we remember how we follow moral and justice in life. His leadership for Pandavas in the Kurukshetra war taught us administration in life. He was elder in Pandavas that's what His rathas carved tallest of five Rathas. The above image shown you ratha of dharma raja.
             Bhima Ratha
Bhima was the strongest of Pancha Pandavas. He was the major contributed to the victory of Kurukshetra war. The Bhima Ratha showing to people that how we need to struggle for moral And it explained to be strong always when we are in injustice in this society. The above image shown you Ratha of Bhima.
       Arjuna Ratha
When people visit the Arjuna Ratha, they learn the principles of life such as affection, acceptance of advice and skills. Arjuna was a friend of Krishna and Krishna advised principles of life to Arjuna which was become Bhagavad Gita later. The Arjuna Ratha remember the people that need to follow the principles of Gita in life. The image of Arjuna Ratha given above.
           Nakula and Sahadeva Ratha
Then Nakula and Mahadeva Ratha stands together of five Rathas. They were born twins and last of Pandavas. When we see the five Rathas of Pandavas, we realized that Nakula and Sahadeva were most lovable to Pandavas. The above image shown you Ratha of Nakula and Sahadeva along with sculptures of elephants.                
     Draupadi Ratha
When we see the Draupadi Ratha, we remember that her sari was removed by dushasan and she was preserved by Krishna through her pure devoted. Further Draupadi Ratha teaching to people how the women have to be devoting God to daily life. The above image shown you Ratha of Draupadi.
      Arjuna Penance & Descent Of Ganges
Today we are celebrating a victory through cutting cakes but in Pallava period they were celebrated a victory by carved the rocks which considered as Arjuna penance. The penance of Arjuna consistently, blessed from Lord shiva which he could get bow called Pasupatha. The penance of bhagirath reached shiva to get Ganges to earth from heaven also called this place Decent of Ganges. Both the theory showing people to get blessing from the lord if we do pure penance or worshipped. The above image shown you world open-air relief in Mamallapuram.
     ,      Visitors of Mamallapuram 
Not only the Indians come to Mahabalipuram but also overseas people are coming to Mahabalipuram. The above image shown you the photo shot of overseas people in shore temple. When we enter the shore temple, we feel the wind and waves of Bay of Bengal while walking in the entrance of the shore temple, the image given below.
Until the shore temple stands in the earth, the Pallavas praise spread between the people which will not be destroyed even hit thousands of cyclones, Finally the Mahabalipuram is considered as world cultural heritage site so people have to visit once in their life which lead their mind to 7th to 8th century.


How to reach Mahabalipuram

 By Air
The nearest airport of Mahabalipuram is Chennai airport which is away from 56 km. And Pondicherry airport away from 96km.

By Train
The nearest railway station of Mahabalipuram is Chengalpattu that away from 22 km and Pondicherry railway station that away from 29 km. There are local trains available from Chennai to Chengalpattu.

By Bus 
There are a lot of buses available to Mahabalipuram from Chennai,  Pondicherry, Velachery, Tamabaram, and Chengalpattu.

The location of the shore temple given below

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