Margazhi is the art of God. In this art, we can hear the birds sounds and auspicious rangoli in the morning. The major festival of Lord Shiva and Vishnu happen in this margazhi. The Saints praised thirupavai in this margazhi. Even today, the thirupavai are being sound in all the Vishnu temples and his avatars temples. There are a lot of temples praise margazhi as festival. The major temple in Chennai district is Parthasarathy temple. In the previous post, we have seen the shore temple in Mahabalipuram which built by Pallava dynasty. The same Pallavas were built the Parthasarathy temple. The auspicious image of Parthasarathy temple given above during the month of margazhi.
          Admirable Of Namo Narayana
The word "Om Namo Narayana" is the most admirable between the people of Hinduism. The Hindus are administrated the festival of margazhi and they believe that they enter into heaven while the festival of Ekadashi happens in margazhi. The people who follow Vaishnavism are more visiting the Parthasarathy temple, The temple has diety of Andal who devotee of Vishnu further the temple has heaven entrance which also called as sorga vasal. The Pallavas were well known the facts of margazhi that's what they designed the temple along with Andal diety. When people enter the temple they started to chanting the mantras "Om Namo Narayana". The above image shown you the entrance of the temple. 
         Krishna surrounds the temple.  
Whenever we go to Parthasarathy temple we have to enter the temple and worshipped the Lord. But the special of margazhi, The Lord brought outside of the temple and seeking the people problems. The Lord Krishna was stating that he considered himself as margazhi in all months, that's what Krishna was carried by people of Vaishnavism and surrounded the temple along with the devotees, that image has given above. Finally, Margazhi is the art of God which praises in Parthasarathy temple on every December In order people are fasting in margazhi for their sensual.
        Temple Timings
            Morning 6.00 to 1.00
           Evening  4.00 to 9.00

How to reach Parthasarathy temple

By Air
The nearest airport of Parthasarathy temple is Chennai airport which is away from 17km.

By Train
The nearest railway station of Parthasarathy temple is Tiruvallikeni railway station which is away from 600m only. There are trains available from Chennai city to Tiruvallikeni.

By Bus

The nearest Bus Stand of Parthasarathy temple is triplicane bus stand which is away from 550m there are lot of buses available to triplicane from Chennai city and other locality.

The location of the Parthasarathy temple given below.

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