Cranes Joint family
Who could be responsible for staying these cranes are together,  no one teaches them to make life to be happy but they know already that's what they joined together and live. The above image shown to people how to be happy with crowd and in a joint family, in these days people will not like to happy with joint family but cranes are loving to live with joint family. When these are staying and loving each other, They transform the kindness and politeness, In order, they never want to try away from their family further it will never follow any rule to understating each other. Humans are searching the freedom in the world but birds have freedom itself since God provided wings for them.
There are a lot of animals found on Vandalur zoo but Cranes are playing a huge role of visitors who wants to be freedom in life. 
The person who likes the bird, he realized that he has wings and feel to fly in the world. Human don't want to rely on the birds but they want to learn cranes therapy to live as a joint family. We do not recommend the people to follow the crane in life but we advised people to know the crane's life which will be teaching the freedom of life and stay as a joint family. While travelling on Vandalur zoo we have taken the image shot above which teaches us that Indian people want to live like these group of cranes.
Happiness Of Children's Park 
We have seen two-part of Vandalur zoo through out animal better than human character and bathing Bengal tiger. Finally we have spoken joint family of cranes in third part has given above. The third part continuity we have decided to speak about children's park of Vandalur zoo. The image given below entrance of children's park in Vandalur zoo.
Most of the visitors are coming to Vandalur zoo for their children's happiness. The animals are playing the main role of Tamil Nadu tourism but the children are playing the main role of their parents. So they never missed to make their children to play in the park and Below image shown you that children are playing in the park.

The families are believed that park has ended trip of the zoo but children's are playing like the trip starts from here which make the parents happy about the children not get tired yet, they wanted to make their children happy forever and bring their children again to zoo. When parents enter the zoo, they also becoming as children while they are playing with their child. People have learned a lot of good habits from animals such as how to live joint family from birds how to live happy and forgot the world from bathing Bengal tiger etc. children's park taught to people how the life is to be important for their children. Finally the Vandalur zoo gives most unforgettable moments in our life, people have to visit Vandalur zoo along with children once in their life. We have came here to ended the visit of Vandalur Zoo. 

How to reach India's biggest zoo or Vandalur zoo

By Air

The nearest airport of vandalur zoo is Chennai airport which is away from 17km. And buses are available from Chennai airport to Vandalur zoo.

By Train

The nearest railway station of Vandalur zoo is Vandalur railway station which is away from 2 km.

By Bus 

The nearest bus stand of Vandalur zoo  is Vandalur bus stand which is away from 350m. There are a lot of MTC buses available from Chennai and other districts of Tamil Nadu.

The location of the Anna Arignar Anna Zoological park has given below.

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