When we walk on Chennai Marina beach We cannot leave from ashore since it will take us to remembering the event happened there. We cannot just cross and say marina only longest beach in India. When the waves come to front of us and return back, it recalls us that, what were the incidents it has been crossed and seen. The above image shown us one of the moment of Chennai Marina has crossed that a boy swimming in wave. in order today we learn the memories of India,s longest beach commonly known as Chennai Marina.
Every person has individual experience and thoughts similar why don't we think, Marina has crossed its own thoughts, expressions, incidents & experience. Not only Marina has decided the trading of East India company but also decided the reversed the ban of jallikattu which expanded to other countries in the world that we are struggling for our culture. Apart from the culture, Marina has determined the most influential politicians to became the chief minister of Tamil Nadu because of their conference was held here. Further, these tides and winds have met a lot of political parties in Tamil Nadu which they are across the country till the date. When people see the Marina along with Bay of Bengal, the poet born inside their mind and heart, in order they recalled the lyrics of bharathiyar given below
     "Vangathil odi varum neerin migaiyal"
    "Mayathu nadugalil payir seiguvom"
Which means by the water of Bay of Bengal, make cropping in the middle countries. The people most achieved from here and teach to the world especially south-east Asia about the culture of marina along with Chennai. Further, most of the Indians are administrating the world that remembers the famous lady poet Avvaiyar said.

      "Thiraikadal odiyum thiraviyum thedu"

That means, search wealth crossing the seas. However, basic of life is hard work that showing us in the entrance of Marina by the triumph of unity, image given below.

    Memorials of Chennai Marina
There are a lot of places surround Chennai Marina. The visitors of Chennai Marina not only bathing in Bay of Bengal but they also have choices to see other memorials. The incidents happened in Chennai Marina remembering the culture struggle but visiting the memorial of Marina is leading us to obtain the principles of life which teach us from the politician buried. One of the prominent politicians of Tamil Nadu was C.N.Annadurai known as Arignar Anna. He was the founder of Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam Party. Major politician parties are started their own party from DMK party later. His speeches and writing skills were spread to people and became a huge success. He died while serving chief minister of Tamil Nadu and his funeral was one of the most crowded that signed in Guinness thus happened in Marina.

         Memorial Of Dr.Kalainzar
When we see the memorial of former Cheif minister M.Karunanidhi called by people Dr.Kalainzar, We recall the sentence of him given below.
     "Neengal ennai Kadalil thooki potalum"
     "Nan Katumaramaga than mithapen"
     "Athil Neengal yeri payanam seiyalam"     "Moozhgivadamaten".
Which means, if Tamil people throw him on the ocean, he floats as sailing boat and people can travel the boat. He will not be sunk.
 Though he was born in Thirukuvalai of Nagapattinam district, He wanted to rest in peace of Chennai Marina beach with his mentor Arignar Anna. The Tamil people remains him through his bridges in Chennai and Marina tells his achievements to the visitors forever.
   Bharatha Ratna MGR
MGR, there is no people in Tamil Nadu without knowledge of these three letters. One of the most popular politicians of Tamil Nadu was DR.M.G. Ramachandran, His mid-day neutritious scheme still praised by people of Tamil Nadu. His excellence service for Tamil Nadu he was awarded by highest civilian award of India that Bharatha Ratna. When he was hospitalized in the United States of America, He got huge victory in Tamil Nadu through his own party ADMK. (Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam). The  three letters of M.G.R. never leave from Tamil Nadu people, moreover memorial of MGR in Marina always stating the service, he did for Tamil Nadu.
                        Iron Lady Amma.                    
When we get problems in life, we avoid or ignore but DR.J.Jayalalitha was crossing only the problems in life from her childhood which crossed and lead her to become chief minister of Tamil Nadu. She was told a lot of times that I crossed problems and came here. Though the ADMK was started by MGR it was preserved by her. Most of the women are proud of her service such as laptop and bicycle provided for students. Her cradle baby scheme was one of the most popular in Tamil Nadu and the scheme brought her to given the name Amma later. The Amma sounds are hearing through out the Chennai Marina forever.

  Confluence Of Marina
The lessons of Marina depends on what surrounds and confluence. We know the importance of Marina beach only when we stand alone in ashore and Life. The people who come here, they learn the life from  Marina beach which has to cross the problems in life. Every wave come and return, similar to the problems of life come and return. We have been crossing the sadness, depression and problems like a wave crossing in ashore of Marina beach.   

How to reach Chennai Marina Beach

By Air
The nearest airport of Chennai Marina Beach is Chennai airport which is away from 21km.

By Train
The nearest railway station of the Chennai Marina beach is Triplicane Railway station which is away from 700m only. And also Lighthouse, Chepauk are nearby railway stations. Further We have trains to Marina beach, from Chennai central, Chennai park through MTRS timely.

By Bus
There are a lot of MTC buses available to Chennai  Marina Beach, The nearest bus stand of Chennai Marina Beach is Anna Square, we have a lot of buses to Anna Square from C.M.B.T and Chennai locality.

The location of the Chennai Marina beach given below.

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