The Lord is oxygen of the universe which he provides the mercy to all the living things. Each and every one believe that one superior power above us, so the universe is living by God administration. All the living things rely on foods to survive in this world and why don't they believe that are provided by God. Most of the people are believing that lord is surviving in the universe whereas planets, earth includes oceans, mountains, islands, forests etc. Why don't we believe even a penguin born in Antarctica and Polar bear born in Arctic and a child born in the country is decided by God. The living things are getting negative and positive effects in life because of their birth planets thus planets are controlled by God. All the livings are needed to live happiest life that's what people worship God in certain places control the karma and in a place called as temple.
Above, We have given introduction about the God administration in the universe especially earth because of the temple we go and visit today Tamil Nadu largest Radha Krishna Temple formed by The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKON). This temple is also known as ISKON temple.
This temple was inaugurated  in 2002 which was built with representing cosmography. The tower of the temple is showing spirituality raising to the universe horizontally from the lower of the temple that has given in below image.
The Sahasrara Chakra
The chakra is giving an amazing view in the centre of the temple floor. This chakra is spreading the spirituality in people mind and clarity of the architecture. From this point of chakra, people believe that this chakra administrating the universe vertically and spread spirituality through the tower of the temple. The Sahasrara chakra gives amazing view to the temple which the image has given above.

Paintings of the temple
When we enter the Radha Krishna temple, we get realized through the paintings, the paintings are showing, how the Krishna was lived in the cowherd village and what were the consequences he was getting by Kamsa. The paintings of the temple is purely praise of Krishna. Each paintings are showing to the visitors, that Lord Krishna also met the problems in life and how he became victory after killed the Kamsa which was lead to preserved the cowherd boys and girls, these experienced of Krishna advised to Arjuna in Bhagavad Gita later. However, the paintings of lord Krishna taught to people the victory of life is after struggling the life consequences. The images given below are born and brought up of Lord Krishna.
Crossing Yamuna River
The Vasudeva who is father of the Krishna crossing the Yamuna river along with Krishna by Adisesha shelter image given above.
Intelligence of Krishna
The demon trying to feed the poison milk to Krishna but Krishna killed her which shown in the above image.
Naughty Krishna
We all know that Krishna was naughty in cowherd village in order mother Yashoda binding him to restricted his naughty action with love. the image above showing Yashoda binding her naughty son Krishna.
Krishna in Anger
The elephant was sent by Kamsa for killing the Krishna but Krishna became anger and killing the elephant that shown above.
Presence of Radha Krishna.
The spirituality of Radha became divine love to the Lord Krishna. The love is expressions of the divine when showing to others similar Radha showing divine love to Krishna and she became the goddess. The Radha Krishna love divine is most recognized in Hinduism especially who follows Vaishnavism. The Radha Krishna divine love surrounds the temple and spreading through out the universe. The above image is taken in Radha Krishna temple which shows people to how the Lord Krishna and Radha was transforming the love between each other in cowherd village with help of Lalita and Visakha of their childhood friends.
Chanting Krishna
In these days we have social media to spread the spirituality and divine. But 500 years ago there were no media to express the feeling of the Lord. But the Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Nityananda Prabhu chanting Krishna mantras towards the people and proved the importance of Vaishnavism. They were given the clarity to people mind that Krishna is the divine of universe and preserved the people from the sadness. The above image shown people, they were also the main reason still the Krishna praise in this world and human mind.
Balarama And Lord Krishna 
The Jagannath is represent of the Krishna that reflections of India north temples such as Jagannath temple of puri celebrate Rathayatra festival. The Balarama is brother of Lord Krishna and Subhadra is sister of Lord Krishna. The image shown above, remembering the people that how the Krishna and Balarama was naughty in cowherd village and how Yashoda  enjoyed and suffered to grow up her naughty children's. 
Krishna Mantras
After enter the presence of the temple the people started to chanting the mantras given above.
The power of the mantras Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Rama, Rama Rama are most chanting by people who visited the temple. in order they believe, the problem has been destroying by chanting these mantras, Also people believing these mantras are administrating the universe by the Lord Krishna. Finally, visitors of the Radha Krishna temple formed by ISKON is leading to chanting Hare Krishna.

The Poojas and programs of the temple given below.

How to reach Radha Krishna temple or ISKON temple.

By Air
The nearest airport of the ISKON temple Chennai airport which is away from 22 km by road.

By Train 
The nearest railway station of the ISKON temple is Thiruvanmiyur Railway Station which is away from 11 km.

By Bus
The nearest bus stand of the ISKON temple is Injambakkam bus stand which is away from 2.5 km. There are a lot of MTC buses to Injambakkam from locality.

The location of the ISKON temple given below.

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