The Bathing Bengal Tiger
We can say the people cannot live without jealousy but we can say animal can live without ego and jealously. Above Bengal tiger is playing with wood and swimming in the water with happiness without ego and jealousy, it never leaves its happiness for anyone and forgot the world while playing. It is thinking which happiness cannot be end. The people have to leave ego, jealously in their life and want to be happy always like this bathing Bengal tiger.
The Bengal tiger is the national animal of India When see the Bengal tiger,  visitors desire to touch the tiger tail. The people who go to Vandalur zoo they have Bengal tiger is one of the most favourite animal in their list and follow its happiness.
The Dangerous Indian Gaur
Most of the times the people are saying humorously the man standing like guar that reflected in above image shot on Vandalur zoo. 
The horn of the guar showing confidence and brave.The group of the guar showing people to always be uniformly in life. The Guar is One of the heaviest mammal in world which mostly found on Indian subcontinent thus Distributed in Western Ghats hills forests to central and southeastern peninsula, Western Bengal and peninsula. After seeing its horn, people consider it is one of the dangerous animal in Vandalur zoo.
The Cool Chimpanzee
Typically Chimpanzee is relatives of humans that's what it's characters coordinate with humans, in many times it teaches to people stay alone in life like an above image.
The Chimpanzee can understand the human exactly and copy the actions of humans. When the Chimpanzee crosses In between the trees it teaches to people how we cross the problems in life. Further, it may stay alone in life though it does not care about that, the humans only care when they alone. Mostly Chimpanzee found in entrance on Vandalur zoo and we can say it is the welcome guest on Vandalur zoo.

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