Sometimes we may feel that animals are better than human characters because of their affection and nature that's what we have chosen today to learn the character of animals from one of the biggest zoo in India which situated in Vandalur of Tamil Nadu of Southern India named Arignar Anna Zoological  Park which also known as Vandalur zoo. Before going to see characters of animal we will have to see the introduction of the zoo. The Arignar Anna Zoological Park was opened for public in 1855 which was known as Madras zoo, later it was developed and opened in 1985 by M.G. Ramachandran who was CM of the Tamil Nadu.
The largest zoo of India is calculated by area which covers huge hectares along with the museum, Children's park & rehabilitation center that's Vandalur Zoo. The most advantage of Vandalur zoo is found animals, species, reptiles and birds etc. The zoo entrance has welcome the people with amazing artificial falls which shown below.
The Vandalur zoo receive a lot of visitor in year which is increasing every year and give growth to the zoo revenue and development. Generally, every person's interest and desire has differ depending on their own thoughts that are leading people to see different animals when people go to visit them and learn how the character it is. in order we are going to learn the character of major animals which found in India's biggest zoo.
The Lion King
Generally people are saying the king of the zoo is a lion because of the huge-chested, neck and ears which make people to be fear when seeing them. The important learning fact of the lion is stay individually whatever the problem it is. The people wanted to away from problems but the lions are confident That's what it stays lonely in the forest. lion is, the most recognized animal in human sights but also the most dangerous animal in the zoo. In India, the lion population was destroying frequently and will be rare in the future. one of them living in the Vandalur Zoo image shown above. The lion found on northern and central India now it has found only Gir forest on Gujarat and it feeds on chital, Nilgai and cattle. Breeds throughout the year and delivers 1-5 cubs after a gestation of 100-119 days. Lives up to 15years, so people not only visit the lion in the zoo, also learn confident and avoid fear whatever the problem it is.

Stylish of White Tiger
The amazing stylish standing white tiger showing above is one of the most visited animals in Vandalur Zoo. The white tiger not only showing its white colour to people but also saying people heart has to be white always. The stripes showing to people that life has bends and crosses and white tiger giveo people a spectacular view which pigmentation and reflection of the Bengal tiger. Each and every white tiger has different stripes and different attraction that's what people desire has to love white tigers. The individual white tiger teach to people whoever irritate, just stand and watch that showing in above image.white tigers are rarely found in India. After visiting white tiger,  people go with a pure white heart.

The Crocodile Group.
Typically we rare find the people to be uniform in their relationships but these crocodiles are lying uniformly along with their relationship which people become jealousy more since these not found in humans. crocodiles are reptiles that can live up to 100 years like humans, each and every crocodile has different size of teeth according to their nature. Crocodiles can live in water, lakes &  wetlands which like to survive in freshwater, there are almost a variety of species itself, found and it can be weight more than 900kg, the above crocodile spotted in Vandalur zoo. whenever people see this group of crocodiles, they have to willing to live with uniformly. We have to speak a lot in India's biggest zoo so the next session will be wonders of Bathing Bengal tiger, Dangerous Indian Guar and Cool Chimpanzee

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