The forest is the relation of branches to leaves and grow by seeds. But the mangroves are grown by branches in coastal areas along with forest, The Pitchavaram is second largest mangrove forest in world Further Mangroves are generally grow on tropical areas in coastal line. We can find a lot of shrubs here while traveling on a boat, The boatman says that a lot of movies have taken here such as Dasavathaaram, Thupparivaalan etc. The below Image shown you mangroves of Pitchavaram forest.
The boating time starts from 8 am to 5 pm, the people who come here feel enter the island between the forest. Further they love to travel on boat while touching the mangroves. The Chidambaram railway station is nearest to Pitchavaram forest which away from 13km, There are timing Private buses and government buses are available to Pitchavaram forest from Chidambaram bus stand. We cannot promise whether we go to top mangrove forest in the world which is outside of India. 
But we can go to world's second-largest mangrove forest in Chidambaram of Tamil Nadu. We have seen one of the most amazing mangrove forest in the world and will move on to India,s Biggest Zoo.

How to reach Pitchavaram Mangrove Forest

By Air
The nearest airport of Pitchavaram mangrove forest is Trichy airport which is away from 201 km.

By Train
The nearest railway station of the Pitchavaram mangrove forest is Chidambaram railway station which is away from 13km.

By Bus
The nearest bus stand of Pitchavaram mangrove forest is the Chidambaram bus stand which is away from 13 km. There are private and government buses available from Chidambaram to Pitchavaram timely.

The location of the Pitchavaram given below.


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