The Kodaikanal lake is also called as Kodai lake. it is one of the most famous place in Kodaikanal. Finally people come to Kodai lake after visit all the places in Kodaikanal. The guides are saying this is the drop place of Kodaikanal. The Kodai lake opens from morning 8.30 am to evening 6 pm. The people can enjoy the boating through pedalling with 4 members or pedalling with 2 members and row boats. 
The visitors feel the freshness of water and silence of mist while cycling the boat. They can see some spectacular views and amazing mist along with beautiful showers of rain. The below sentence teaches the people about the experience of Kodai lake.
      "Feel of mist"
      "Fresh of water"
The people become more freshness and get coolness when they pedalling the boat. The children are enjoying more while travelling on boat and parents are getting happy when they see their children face in order they want the journey to be endless at the moment, moreover people feel the importanimportanceel in life and get peace of mind.
We have already seen the important of La Saletechurch,Berijam lake. Especially Kodai lake remembering the people until the end of Kodaikanal trip since the feel of mist and fresh of water. When I go to Kodai lake I feel the freshness of water and mist, I believe that people visit Kodai lake their life.

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