The name Kodai belongs to summer and the Kanal refers as visit which finally conclusion as Kodaikanal and also called as princess of hill stations that translated in Tamil as "Malaigalin Ilavarasi". The Kodaikanal is situated above 7000 ft from sea level which gives people to spectacular views through their surrounding places, in order it really helps people avoid blood pressure to be normal while walking in clouds. further, I recommended, Kodaikanal has to visit yearly once, the person who has high blood pressure and heart diseases.
Commonly the people can avoid the depression when visiting the Kodaikanal as I mentioned already in previous posts here the link is "Depression can avoid the angle what we see in this World". The above video shown u amazing views and falls how u avoid depression and sadness while visiting the Kodaikanal. As per your thoughts, I leave u through the video how the feel is, When we feel freshness of air and mist simultaneously, we realized to enter the new world has born, The normal temperature with beautiful showers flows from 15 to 18 Celsius through out the year. The nearest railway station of Kodai Kanal is Palani which takes 3 hours 15 minutes to reach Kodai bus stand from Palani bus stand and people can reach Palani railway station from Chennai central through Palakkad  express also called Palani express click here (Train no 22651) further Kodai road and dindugul railway station also most connected source to Kodaikanal. We are going to see another famous place in Kodaikanal such as La Salette church, Berjam Lake and Kodai Lake.

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