South India is art of an India. It represents the culture through art and temples. The places and dishes belongs to their pioneer that leading to next generation. Mostly the greatness of temples in south India are resemble of Chera, cholas and Pandiyas.The Tanjore Temple was built 1000 years ago by Raja Raja Cholan and still Mahabalipuram is praising about Pallava history which are UNESCO heritage sites, Commonly people who living in south India are more devoted and spirituality since the temple lot establish in their mind to be sacred. Generally people along with family most visited temples and architectural which teaches their modern children to ancient civilzation. The Rameshwaram is most sacred place in south India who pay ritual their ancestors in adi amavasai. According to the people interview in travel while I was returning from Thiruchendur to chennai, people's stating that life has completed when we worshipped the Arupadai Veedu of Lord Murugan which follows below are:

Thiruchendur Murugan temple
Thiruthani temple
Pazhamudircholai temple
Thirupparamkundram temple
Swamimalai temple
So we recommend the people's visit arupadai of Veedu of Lord Murugan while visited in south in India.
The above mentioned temples are most specific in south India and why don't we speak about hill stations in south india. The kodaikanal is one of the famous hills in south india which also called as princess of hill stations so click the link follows.
              Princess of hills stations
We speak more about south india places and this blog special to people for some unfamiliar temples in South India that gives more knowledge to people which will be post in future.

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