The view of Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea & Bay of bengal must be important for every Indian journey.
Visiting a ocean bringing freshness of eyes then imagine about the feeling of eyes when visiting three oceans simultaneously from Vivekananda rock monument.
The meditation makes peace and spirituality that's what Swami Vivekananda chosen this place for his meditation before he went to Chicago conference.
The side exact view of rock showing development of the rock after it was built. The people who has more interested in spiritually and meditation they should touch the rock with silent meditation.

                Twinkling in the morning.
While visiting Kanyakumari in the morning time is most Preferable by the visitors since sun rises between 6.00AM to 6.05AM which is varying every month due to rainfall so the visitors arrive early morning and waiting for that moment, the people who waiting for sunrises also view amazing Vivekananda rock glowing in the morning image shown above, Finally they enjoyed sun rises and rock they started to plan for boating trip at 8.00 AM. The journey is not ended after returning Vivekananda rock boating trip. it will Bring us to devoting Baghavathy Amman Temple that will be publish in our devotional page.

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