The neighbouring people's are not helping when we are in bad situation but a travel friend helping us while journey. When I was travelling through the train a pregnant lady was getting pain heavily and shouted. suddenly people were waking and stop the train then she carried to near by hospital perhaps she got beautiful child which was the situation inspired me to help others. After the trained departure i was asking the person Who pulled the chain to stop the train that u know women already he smiled and said she is my travel friend. Whenever we travel the place we met some good friends even it continues after trip over since sharing our family stories and travelling ideas. I was travelling with my family in train I haven't got any lower birth but a person who travelling in lower birth gave their place to my family senior citizen.The person meet another person is great experience in life whether good or bad so this recommend to people meet different person is giving more experience in ur life and am not suggesting that we speak to Unknown person while travel just we consider the people as to be good who pulled the train chain for a pregnant women  and who gave their birth to others.

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